National Environmental Exporters (NEE) Database

Welcome to the National Environmental Exporters (NEE) Database, a database of environmental exporters. This database provides detailed information on approximately 500 Canadian environmental companies/organizations and now offers worldwide accessibility.

This database is a powerful tool for making connections for environmental business around the world. The NEE database is designed to identify providers of environmental equipment, technologies, or services. This database contains information on export experienced or export ready companies from across Canada and indicates their capabilities and where these companies are interested in working. Custom searches, based on a variety of criteria to meet one's information requirements, can be quickly and easily accomplished.

The NEE database is designed for those who need to find:

environmental companies with specific expertise in the environmental field e.g. air pollution control equipment; ground water modeling capabilities; site assessment/remediation capabilities, and dozens of other parameters.
environmental companies with experience working in a particular country or region of the world.
potential partners for a joint venture; Build-Own-Operate project; technology licensing or sales agreement, etc.
contact information for Canadian environmental companies.
companies with experience or interest in working on International Financial Institutions (IFIs) funded projects.

You are only a few steps away from finding the information you need

To begin, go to the Search Form. Here you can define your search based on one or many different information requirements.

The result of your search will generate a list of Canadian environmental companies/organizations matching your criteria.

Select any company, by clicking on it, to view the Clients Details page.


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