Wall of Fame

Any association is only as good as its members. The Canadian Environment Industry Association (CEIA) is privileged to have among its membership an extraordinarily talented group of individuals who have chosen to devote their time and talents to strengthening their national industry association. CEIA's virtual Wall of Fame is one way in which we recognize the contributions of these individuals. Each month, CEIA will honour a new volunteer. Past contributions will be permanently on view in the Wall of Fame archives.

Please keep in mind that the CEIA Wall of Fame was inaugurated in January 2001. Many, many people have contributed to CEIA since its inception in 1988, but their contributions may not have been documented in the past. If you don't see your name here and you believe it should be, please send us an email. Similarly, please write us if you would like to suggest someone who you believe deserves to be on the CEIA Wall of Fame.


January 2001 -- RICHARD LAUGHTON, Pollutech International

April 2001 -- GARY GALLON, Canadian Institute for Business and the Environment
June 2002 -- CHRISTOPHER HENDERSON, The Delphi Group Inc.