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Canadian Industry’s Best Kept Secret comes to Ottawa

February 9, 2020 – Ottawa: Today is the first ever Environment Industry Day on Parliament Hill. Organized by the Canadian Environment Industry Association (CEIA), this event will pick up on the extensive environmental commitments outlined in the October 1999 Speech from the Throne.

"Last October, we saw a Throne Speech that contained more environmental commitments than ever before. We have a federal environment Minister who is knowledgeable, experienced and committed to meeting Canada’s environmental challenges.", said the Chair of CEIA’s Board of Directors, Christopher Henderson. "On the cusp of a new millennium, there can be no better time for us to introduce Ottawa’s key decision-makers to the opportunities for a triple win that the environment industry offers: growth, job creation and enhanced international competitiveness for the Canadian economy; protection of human health; and, preservation of our precious eco-systems.", he added.

Canada's environment industry may just be the best kept secret in Canada’s economy. More than 5,500 companies in Canada derive revenues from the sale of environmental products, technologies and services, and annually generate approximately 2.2% of Canada’s GDP. The Canadian environment industry has annual sales in excess of $19 billion. Canadian environmental companies exported approximately $1 billion in 1997; export growth from 1998 to 1999 was reported in excess of 117%. Approximately 220,000 Canadians work in the environment sector, making this the third largest employment sector, behind the pulp & paper and chemical industries.

Senior representatives of environment companies from all across Canada will spend today in a series of networking meetings with MPs, senators and top level bureaucrats. The day will end with a reception and display of environmental industry technologies at which federal Environment Minister, the Honourable David Anderson will be speaking.

A list of participating companies is attached. For more information, contact Rebecca Last, Director of Policy and Programs, CEIA, Tel: (613) 236-6222, Email: <info@ceia-acie.ca>.

Companies Participating in Environment Industry Day on Parliament Hill

Agilent Technologies Canada Inc. – Riding of Mississauga East
AGRA Earth & Environmental – Riding of Brampton West – Mississauga
Bennett Environmental – Riding of Vancouver Centre
R. J. Burnside & Associates Limited. – Riding of Ottawa Centre
Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA) – Riding of Ottawa South
Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) – Riding of Calgary West
Contemporary Information Analysis Ltd. – Riding of Wentworth-Burlington
Delcan Corporation – Riding of Don Valley West
The Delphi Group – Riding of Ottawa-Vanier
EARTH Canada Corporation – Riding of Saint-Laurent – Cartierville
Enviro-Accès – Riding of Sherbrooke
Enviro-Test Laboratories – Riding of Edmonton--Strathcona
Environmental Risk Information Service – Riding of Don Valley West
ETV Canada Inc. – Riding of Burlington
Gartner Lee Limited – Riding of Markham
GLOBE Foundation of Canada – Riding of Vancouver Centre
Golder Associates Ltd. – Riding of Ottawa West–Nepean
Hans Gruenwald Enterprises Inc. – Riding of Beauport-Montmorency - Côte-de-Beaupré -
University of Ottawa, Institute of the Environment – Riding of Ottawa–Vanier
Integrated Energy Development Corporation – Riding of Huron – Bruce
Jacques Whitford Environment Limited – Riding of Halifax West
Miller Tomson LLP – Riding of Toronto-Centre
Nova Scotia Environmental Industry Association – Riding of Halifax
Pollutech International Limited – Riding of Oakville
Réseau Environnement – Riding of Papineau–Saint-Denis
RWDI – Riding of Guelph – Wellington
Serco Environmental Services Inc. – Riding of Ottawa Centre
Stablex Canada Inc. – Riding of Terrebonne–Blainville
Stormceptor Canada Inc. – Riding of Etobicoke–Lakeshore
Trojan Technologies Inc. – Riding of London–Fanshawe
Vestar Ltd. – Riding of Ottawa Centre

For more information contact the CEIA Office.


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