Membership Criteria

CEIA is the only national business association in Canada that represents the environment industry. Organizations which fall within the membership categories specified below are eligible for membership in CEIA. CEIA Membership belongs to the organization, and CEIA extends its benefits to every employee of its member companies and organizations.


Environment Industry Companies (National Corporate Members)

Canadian firms, corporations or divisions and units thereof which provide environmental solutions (environmental products, technologies or services).



  • the right to vote at CEIA’s Annual General Meeting;

  • the right to nominate Directors for election to CEIA's Board of Directors;

  • the right to membership in CEIA’s Environmental Exporters Council; and

  • the right to participation in CEIA’s National Policy Forum


Advocacy- A strong national industry voice in Ottawa advocating the interests of CEIA member companies to national legislators and policy-makers.

Access to Decision-Makers - CEIA enjoys priority access to federal government decision-makers.

National Policy Forum (NPF) - By participating in CEIA’s National Policy Forum (NPF) and its issue specific Tehnical Advisory Groups (TAGs), CEIA Members have the opportunity to provide meaningful input on issues affecting their business, and thereby influence the policy and advocacy agenda of CEIA and the federal government.


Market Intelligence - Access to CEIA’s national and international, often exclusive environmental market intelligence.

Business Opportunities - Access to business opportunities obtained through CEIA’s growing domestic and international network. Members also receive the CEIA Environmental Exporters Council (EEC) weekly email Business Intelligence Bulletin, a $250 annual subscription fee for non-members..

Environmental Exporters Council (EEC)Participation - A Corporate Member can participate in the EEC and have meaningful input on the export promotion strategies and priorities of the EEC, and thereby influence EEC’s input to federal export strategies and priorities.

Networking and Professional/Business Development Opportunities - CEIA organizes various seminars, conferences, and business events throughout the year.

Promotion Opportunities - CEIA sources speakers, session chairs, exhibitors and other participants for the events it organizes and CEIA is approached on a regular basis by other organizations, in particular federal government departments, for sourcing participants for their events, both domestically and internationally. CEIA Members receive priority advance notification of these opportunities.

National Environmental Exporters & Domestic Suppliers (NEEDS) Database - CEIA National Members can list, at no cost, their company’s capabilities on this CEIA database. CEIA employs this database when responding to requests from government departments, private companies and international institutions who are seeking suppliers for specific requirements. Canadian Trade Commissioners around the world are trained in how to use NEEDS to respond to requests received at their overseas posts. The NEEDS database is on-line on CEIA's database. It is field-search-able, allowing Internet users from around the world ready access to specific information about the capabilities and export interests of the over 400 companies listed on NEEDS.

Website Hotlinks - Members receive a free hot link from CEIA’s website to the company website. CEIA’s website attracts 20 to 26,000 hits per month.

Subscriptions to - CEIA’s Business Intelligence Bulletin published weekly; and CEIA’s environmental industry Events Calendar published monthly.

Discounts - discounted rates on a range of CEIA products and services (e.g., 20% discount on registration fees for CEIA seminars, conferences and business events).

Membership Certificate -a certificate of membership in CEIA

Provincial/Territorial Environment Industry Associations (PEIA Members)
As of July 1, 2001, the CEIA Board of Directors extends FREE membership to the ten provincial environment industry associations (PEIAs), one in each province as follows: CEIA-BC, ESAA, SEIMA, MEIA, ONEIA, Réseau environnement, NBEIA, NSEIA and NEIA.

All CEIA members in this voting category will be entitled to:

  • Right to vote at Annual General Meetings

  • Input on issues affecting the environment industry

  • One representative on CEIA’s National Policy Forum

  • Support for issue and/or association-specific advocacy needs

  • Benefits of CEIA’s access to federal government decision-makers

  • Membership (1 representative) in CEIA’s Environmental Exporter’s Council

  • Opportunities to partner with CEIA in delivery of national programs and conferences

  • Access to the most up-to-date information

  • Discounted rates on a range of CEIA products and services

  • Hot link from CEIA web site to provincial/territorial association web site

Associated Organizations (Associate Members)
Firms, corporations or divisions and units thereof which support the mission of the CEIA and provide products or services to organizations in the environment industry; other Canadian or foreign organizations which support the mission of the CEIA and fall within one of the following sub-categories:

  • Other industry associations

  • Government departments

  • Academic organizations and professional associations

  • Foreign not-for-profit organizations

  • Canadian municipalities

All CEIA members in this non-voting category will be entitled to:

  • Input on issues affecting the environment industry

  • Participation on Technical Advisory Groups of the National Policy Forum

  • Access to the most up-to-date information

  • Discounted rates on a range of CEIA products and services

  • Hot link from CEIA web site to organization’s web site

Application Procedure & Membership Fees

To apply for membership, complete the CEIA Membership Application Form and fax it to CEIA’s office at (613) 236-6850 if payment of the fee is by credit card or if an invoice is required. If fee payment is by cheque, please mail the application to CEIA at 802-280 Albert Street, Ottawa, Ontario K1P 5G8. If you require any assistance, please call CEIA’s office at (613) 236-6222 Monday to Friday during normal business hours.


Please note that the application form and fee schedule are in Adobe PDF format. Should you require the Adobe Acrobat Reader it can be acquired at no cost, simply click HERE


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