Last Updated / Dernier Changement: 08/10/01
Associate Members / Membres Associer: 
Atomic Energy of Canada Limited
Betty Rozendaal, Director Environment
2251 Speakman Drive,
Mississauga, ON   l5K 1B2
Tel: 905-823-9060 ext. 4455
Fax: 905-403-7319
Email:  rozendaalb@aecl.ca
Website: www.aecl.ca
Canadian Commerical Corporation
J. Hugh O'Donnell, Executive VP
1100-50 O'Connor Street
Ottawa, ON   K1A 0S6
Tel: 613-996-0263 (Hugh O'Donnell)
Fax:  613-992-2134
Email: jhod@ccc.ca
Website: www.ccc.ca
Environment Canada
Environment Energy Technology Advancement
Gerry Frappier, Director General
351 St. Joseph Blvd., 18th Floor
Hull, QC  K1A 0H3
Tel: 819-953-3090
Fax: 819-953-9029
Email: Gerry.Frappier@ec.gc.ca
Website: www.ec.gc.ca
Industry Canada
Environmental Affairs Branch

Tom Wright, Director General & Manager
235 Queen Street
Ottawa, ON  K1A 0H5
Tel: 613-954-3080
Fax: 613-952-9564
Website: www.strategis.gc.ca

Industry Canada
Sustainable Cities Branch
Lucien Bradet, Director General
235 Queen Street
Ottawa, ON  K1A 0H5
Tel: (613) 954-2990 
Fax: (613) 952-9054 
Email: bradet.lucien@ic.gc.ca
Website: www.strategis.gc.ca
Parsons Advanced Technologies
Steve Quinn, Global Business Development Manager
2751 John Street
Markham ON L3R 2Y8
Tel: 905-944-8877
Fax: 905-944-8977
Email: squinn@protectair.com
Website: www.protectair.com
Institute of the Environment
University of Ottawa
Quentin Grafton, Director
Director555 King Edward Avenue
Ottawa ON K1N 6N5
Tel: 613-562-5874
Fax: 613-562-5873
Email: qgrafton@uottawa.ca
Export Development Canada
Etienne Grall, Relationship Manager, Engineering & Professional Services
151 O'Connor Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 1K3
Tel: 613-597-8513
Fax: 613-598-3167
Email: egrall@edc-see.ca
Website: www.edc.ca