Mark Egener
Senior Associate
Global Change Strategies International Inc. (GCSI)
Ottawa, ON

GCSI has been impressed with CEIA's activities particularly with respect to improving our collective understanding of the export market and assisting our members by such vehicles as the Exporters Forum, Trade "Clusters" among others.

As a small but highly regarded environmental consultancy focused primarily on global warming and climate change GCSI believes that we should contribute to this collective effort and help CEIA achieve our common goals.

GCSI's work has been focused at the strategic level nationally and internationally.  We have an excellent grasp of major environmental issues such as climate change, global warming, clean air, persistent organic pollutants, water resources, risk management among others and can assist CEIA in developing strategies and programs that will assist our industry as a whole.

On a personal level, as a resident of the western provinces, a former deputy minister level official in the Alberta government and a senior manager in the energy and chemical industries in the west, I can bring a unique perspective to CEIA's Board of Directors.

I hope this is the information you wanted.  Please let me know if I can clarify it or provide additional notes.  Is your brother David Last who is or was on staff at RMC in the Political Science Dept.?